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New home study course helps students control and
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These days, your dojang is under financial pressure like never before. Your business is being threatened by competitive forces that are making it harder and harder to recruit and retain students.

In the last several months, dozens of quality schools have closed their businesses for good. You can’t help but wonder: will your dojang survive let alone thrive?

The battle to win the attention of both children and adult students is more crucial than ever.

There’s huge, compelling distractions. For kids, the toughest competition for attention might be schoolwork, or other sports or video games.

For adults, the distraction could be golf, paddle ball or chess. Or perhaps it’s lack of feeling sufficiently engaged or challenged that causes them to drop out prematurely.

Even worse, you’re now dealing with the incredible stress of minimal (or non-existent) on-site instruction (due to COVID), or distance learning and Zoom classes.

The Good News is now you can . . .

Boost your profits with an exciting, new turnkey
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Starting today, you can have a new and dynamic martial arts course that can set you apart from all the other martial arts dojangs. A unique and fascinating way to:

  • Thoroughly engage attention and enthusiasm of youngsters
  • Capture the long-term and fervent loyalty of adult students of all ages
  • Improves students’ cognitive function by boosting focus and concentration
  • Dramatically boost new enrollment for both weapons and open hand training
  • Retain more students and keep them years longer
  • Earn substantially more revenue and pocket more profits each and every month
  • With weapons training, your students can maintain “social distancing” via non-contact drills

Master David Garrison, a renowned 7th degree black belt competitive champion and expert instructor, has created an electrifying new virtual weapons training course that can greatly increase your students’ overall skill set.


Unique Online Weapons Course Generates
New Monthly Profit Center


Top Ten Martial Arts Weapons: the Complete Online Course to Black Belt™ is the first and only online program that teaches students to become knowledgeable and highly proficient with all ten martial arts weapons from various ancient cultures.

This comprehensive course will not only generate expert weapons practitioners, but will greatly aid and support all open-hand training.

You can use your ancillary monthly income to:

  • Order new heavy bags and additional training tools you’ve wanted for months (or even years)
  • Launch a direct response public relations campaign that will add more dedicated students – and boost revenue like never before
  • Support your community with effective joint ventures that spread good will –- and your dojang brand name
  • Move your dojang to a spacious new home –- or open that second location
  • Reward your hard-working black belt instructors with much deserved bonuses
  • Take a family vacation to an enchanted island of your choice
  • Earn a reputation as the local premier weapons training center, while solidifying your school’s ongoing legacy of excellence

And do so while knowing that the hard work of creating a curriculum, and the training to underpin it, is already done for you!


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“Pure martial arts are often mistaken for a hands-only discipline; but the fact is, martial arts have almost always included weapons training. The weapons are extensions of open hand techniques, giving a longer reach during a fight. And weapons training is also taught as an artful meditation in addition to self protection.

I’ve created a full, rank-based system for dojangs, with a total of ten top weapons to study. It’s an immediate ROI for schools. This course generates income via student retention. It adds a whole new dimension and depth to each dojang’s martial arts training. We also offer this as an online program that anyone can access.”

– Master David Garrison, 7th Dan


Imagine: Your Dojang Brimming with Students Learning To
Swing Weapons With Precise Accuracy ––
Engaged, Enthralled And Loving Every Minute!


Our safety weapons, each with its own fascinating history, allow you to enhance your martial arts curriculum so you can reach out and engage your students like you never could before. This weapons course:

  • Gives students a new set of skills to improve their empty hand training and face life’s challenges with a new sense of calm and self-assurance
  • FACT: Martial Arts Weapons excite kids way more than empty hand training
  • Enhances conditioning and strength in both large and small muscle groups to build visible definition and reliable stamina
  • Sharpens focus and concentration skills that kids carry over to the classroom to earn better grades…and helps adults perform better at work and earn higher salaries
  • Improves hand strength and vice-like grip while building confidence and precision daily
  • Opens a new door to self-discovery and self-mastery -– with the same weapons training that has transformed the minds of weapons masters throughout the ages

Students Gain Impressive New Martial Arts Skills In
The Comfort And Privacy Of Their Home


Martial art practitioners of all ages desire to become proficient in Asian weapons. Unfortunately, most programs only offer 2 or 3 weapons courses.

There is no other program like Top Ten Martial Arts Weapons: The Complete Online Course to Black Belt™. No one else offers a comprehensive course that graduates students from one level to the next, culminating in attaining the prestigious Black Belt rank and official certification your students will be proud to earn and display!

With this knowledge now available online, students can boost their skill level at their own pace without pressure, in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

No previous experience required. It’s like having a master instructor right beside your students! A comprehensive e learning course you present with little or no effort on your part.


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Top Ten Martial Arts Weapons: The Complete Online Course to Black Belt™ utilizes proven teaching methods that have been used to train successful competitors in tournaments around the world. First-class instructors. Dedicated practitioners. Riveting performers. International and national weapons champions.

Now, these same methods are available to your students to transform them with technical precision, deadly speed and targeting, and most importantly, put them on a path to educated personal growth.

Best of all, this course can be a springboard to life-changing personal development!

The simple, step-by-step videos and our exclusive, easy-to follow Training Manual will benefit your students in all the important ways you strive to:

  • Handle complex projects and goals inside and outside the dojang. Success is imminent!
  • Present/project a subtle but confident demeanor that discourages would-be attackers before trouble starts. No more looking like easy prey!
  • Measurable gains in both stamina and strength makes life more fun!
  • Self-esteem skyrockets when students fully invest in their own health and future. There’s no end to what your students can accomplish with you to guide them!


First Online Course Teaching
Japanese, Okinawan, Chinese, Korean and Filipino Arts That Can
Automatically Generate Huge Repeat Monthly School Income!


The multiple cultures represented in the course appeal to a global audience of individuals more determined than ever to learn how to save their own lives, by studying at home! Such worldwide appeal can only push your sales and profits higher.

During a moment of jeopardy, students who actively train will respond more quickly and with better results than untrained individuals, whether their favorite weapon is on hand or not.



Police Statistics Show That 87% of
All Violent Attacks Start With
Some Type of Weapon!

It’s time you and your students gain the advantage!


The more time a non-traditional martial artist spends practicing any weapon, the better they will be to defend themselves when they are forced to rely on a “found” weapon.

In an unexpected confrontation, the weapon-at-hand will probably be a stick, a piece of wood, or a pipe that can be wielded like Kali sticks or Nunchakus.

By learning all these 10 popular weapons, students will hone reflexes, sharpen alertness and be better prepared to defend themselves — regardless of most circumstances.

Your student’s timing, reflex action, speed, balance, positioning, focus, breathing, targeting and strength will be ready for action. Why? Because diligent training gives the student a huge advantage!

The Top Ten Martial Arts Weapons: The Complete Online Course to Black Belt™ starts with the most primary weapon. As student progress in both technique and complexity, they graduate to higher-level weapons in each category.


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Step-By-Step Instruction And Easy-To-Follow Techniques Make
Students Eager To Learn . . . And Can Bring Your School A Fresh
Infusion Of Automatic Cash Every Week!


All the movements are easy to learn and simple to perform. No special skills or training are needed. There are no backflips, fancy gymnastics or juggling. Students learn step-by-step how to gain impressive proficiency in each and every weapon until they become a bona fide Black Belt with unshakeable skills, razor sharp reflexes, a profound awareness of their surroundings, and a confident warrior mindset!

Your students will rely on the detailed, comprehensive Instructional Manual that expands on each video module. With supportive historical, cultural and mindset details, it’s chock full of effective training tips, inspiring quotes, battle-tested fighting tactics, and proven advice on situational awareness.

Written with safety in mind, this manual strikes the balance between upbeat, fun tone, and serious examination of the responsibilities of training safely.


10 Dynamic Online Weapons
Modules — Put Students In Control to
Become Skilled Weapons Practitioners


1. Kali Sticks (Filipino): Used for effective self-defense. Teaches discipline and control during an intense full body workout. As do all weapons, the Kali presents a healthy physical and mental lifestyle.


2. Bo Staff (all disciplines): Excellent long-range weapon that demands concentration. Great for learning hand-eye coordination. Almost an infinite number of bo techniques and tricks for both beginning and skilled practitioners.


3. Nunchaku (Okinawan/Korean): Develops quick hand movements and correct posture. Lock, trap, or go on the offense when necessary. Improve coordination, concentration and strength. Work the creative mind by envisioning striking and blocking patterns. Noticeable conditioning and strength gains that result in bone-shattering velocity.


4. Tonfa (Okinawan): Lose yourself in learning critical stances, blocks & strikes. Only weapon designed to protect forearm against bladed weapons. Versatile: wield it as a hook/sickle, or an axe, by grasping by shaft. Terrific for grip strength and dexterity. Use handle as a centrifuge to deliver arcing blows that devastate.


5. Bokken (Japanese/Korean): Originally designed as a training tool, the bokken stepped into its own right as a lethal weapon in the hands of a dueling Myamoto Musashi. Improves one’s character through discipline. Students emerge with a mindful new way of life.


6. Sai (Okinawan/Filipino): A close-range, dual-wielding weapon that reinvents hand dexterity and fine motor skills. Develop unprecedented focus and precision capable of deadly force. Pinpoint precision required. Instills a respect for values in martial arts training.


7. Kama (Okinawan): When banned from using traditional weapons, farmers in feudal Japan resorted to wielding farm implements with lethal results. The razor-sharp kama, typically used in pairs, works by blocking with one, attacking with the other.


8. Double Kali (Filipino): Learn partner cooperation, boost memory skills and learn the practical application. Marote (double) sticks affords more complex training challenges, and more comprehensive self-defense abilities.


9. Broadsword (Chinese): Train for realism with a bladed weapon with heft. Embrace the challenge of both soft and hard motions… flowing and thrusting strikes and parries. Double swords training works across the left/right sides of the brain.


10. Katana (Japanese): Katana, the long sword of the fabled Samurai of ancient Japan, and symbol of their place in society. “Know the way of the sword, know yourself.” Come to understand the soul of the Samurai, discovered through Iaido.


First Martial Arts Weapons-Only Ranking Course From

White Belt to the Prized and Prestigious Black Belt


Top Ten Martial Arts Weapons: The Complete Online Course to Black Belt™ is the also the first and only martial arts course that utilizes a ranking system so you can “move up the ladder” and achieve the prestigious First Degree Black Belt. The progression of weapons has been carefully planned to teach the basic foundations and then add the most popular weapons. Each student has a firm understanding of the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects to the program.


Builds Huge Referrals And Recurring Income


This painstakingly constructed curriculum builds undeniable confidence in students. In no time, friends will be asking students what their secret is! Better physique. More energy. Brimming confidence. Heightened awareness. More popular with the opposite sex!

Those referred friends can become the life’s blood of your cash flow!

This online course (which you can teach in your school) or (offer it online in a joint venture with us) represents the type of bankable income you should be making at your level of expertise, especially after all your years of training and leadership.

Progression from white to black belt is determined by how proficient each student becomes in any one weapon. Testing at ranks with the forms and drills to their highest ranks.

This first of its kind systematic, sensible progression from the simplest weapon to the most complex ensures a solid grasp of basic concepts.

This is exactly the type of course you could present with your master level of expertise — if you had the time. And $75,000 dollars in video cameras, production, lighting equipment and software costs. And $60,000+ to create and implement your own custom, measurable Direct Response PR campaign on multiple social media platforms.

This online Black Belt course fills the void in your curriculum that you’ve probably wanted to offer for months – even years.


Students Feel Constantly Challenged,
But Never Over Their Heads
And Will Always Return For More Knowledge!


There’s no substitute for fresh enthusiasm and sharing awesome word of mouth excitement! Wait till your students start talking up the course on social media. Paid advertising just can’t create that type of authentic buzz for your school and brand!


Kali/Yellow: First weapon teaches angles of attack. It serves as the primary foundation for the other weapons training.


Bo Staff/Orange: Second weapon appears across all cultures, reinforcing the patterns of attack and defense.


Nunchaku/Green: Third weapon introduces flexibility, with inherently more complex moves.


Tonfa/Purple: Fourth weapon captures the use of power and direct, hard-style techniques.


Bokken/Blue: Fifth weapon focuses on stances for both sword and all other weapons. Overall discipline in training intensifies.


Sai/Navy: Sixth weapon incorporates dexterity and hand strength challenges necessary for weapons control and precision.


Kama/Brown: Seventh weapon refines center-line cuts and angles of attack, expanding one’s ability to spot soft targets.


Double Kali/Red: Eighth weapon teaches the critical Sinawali pyramid, the underlying principle of Kali.


Broadsword/Red & Black: Ninth weapon utilizes two swords simultaneously, taking coordination to an enviable new level.


Katana/Black: Tenth weapon provides the opportunity and satisfaction of proving skills at the black belt bamboo mat cutting test.


You retain the option to add your own footage to your course. Interject your own advanced kata and black belt instructor-level drills. No other course offers you that level of customization.


Students Earn The Prestigious Black Belt – While
You Double Or Even Triple Your Monthly Income!


After successfully completing the course, quizzes and testing, students will receive the handsome and coveted 1st Degree Black Belt Certificate of Achievement suitable for framing in your dojang, den or office.

Imagine the moment – after all that hard work has paid off. The hours of training alone. Zoom classes and private lessons. Early morning kata, and late-night technique drills.

Both your online and local students will proudly display proof of this once-in-a-lifetime milestone! Youngsters and grandparents alike will bond by training together!

Visualize a wall in your school full of these handsome certificates, all co-signed by you to present to your newly promoted and trained Black Belt instructors.

In fact, we’ll help you make a press-worthy event out of a professional presentation where head instructors co-sign the certificates for students!


Top Ten Martial Arts Weapons: The
Complete Online Course to Black Belt™ Can Produce
Thousands of Dollars in LOCAL FREE Publicity Driving New
Students to Your Schools, Website and Social Media Platforms!


Picture a live PR event attended by local media, earning you huge brand coverage for your dojang and style that rivals your competition.

You’ll enjoy the caliber of direct response public relations support usually reserved for Madison Avenue ad agency clients. Your dojang will emerge positioned as the local authority on martial arts weapons training.

You’ll see coverage in local print, radio and TV. Sit for interviews by the most impressive trade magazines and podcasts. Author guest posts on the top martial arts blogs and podcasts. You’ll have a media toolkit that will make your colleagues and competition drool!

All carefully crafted to build and shape your Course and Brand that becomes a respected source of advanced weapons education. And a repeat monthly money-making machine!


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Let Your Devoted And Enthusiastic Weapons Students
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This is the thorough, detailed online weapons curriculum you’d design yourself –- if you had the time! It means a financial windfall to your business and your bottom line:

  • Watch your student rosters grow with new names and new monthly income
  • Enjoy worry-free financial security as entire families re-sign year after year
  • Deepen the bond of trust that keeps your students attending — and paying tuition —- regularly
    for an additional 3-5 years
  • Use the weapons program as a fundraiser to generate substantial new funds that will be vital to your school’s survival and growth

Meet Master David Garrison — the Course Instructor/Producer
7th Dan Kimudo Black Belt, 5th Dan Hapkido


Disciplines: Kimudo, Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Kyuki-Do, Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Kobudo, Shaolin & Kali Weaponry, Wing Chun Fu, Muay Thai, Ninjitsu & WISE Women’s Self Defense

  • Owner/Lead Instructor – Barrington Tiger Academy • Full responsibility for training and instructing 200+ martial arts black belt students
  • Developed and instructed “Air Safe” program for 300+ airline personnel post-911 & Fusion Weapons
    Major Accomplishments
  • Asian Martial Arts Hall of Fame (Inducted 2016) • World Mudo Federation Hall of Fame (2006)
  • USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame (2008)
  • 11 Open U.S. National Titles for free-fighting, weapons forms & Karate Open forms
  • 17 American Kyuki-Do Federation Grand Championship Titles
  • One of the original creators of Kyuki-Do forms/weapons MA system (1999)
  • 1996 AKF Black Belt Man of the Year
  • 2007 AKF Hapkido Instructor of the Year
  • AKF Weapons Black Belt Man-of-the-Year 1981, 1985, 1987, 1989
  • AKF Fighter of the Year 1982
  • Featured on ESPN, Sports Vision, Discovery Channel, Consumer Electronics Show & World Games

High praise from non-tradition and classical martial arts
weapons experts . . . and the martial arts community, including
both teachers and students!


“I’ve known Master David Garrison since the turn of the century, and have collaborated on several teaching programs and tutorials together. In the martial arts community, he is the consummate professional ‘on and off’ the mat. Master Garrison has painstakingly worked and re-worked his weapons program until he perfected it.”

Shihan Dana Abbott, 7th Dan • Samurai Sports, CEO


“I’m impressed with his unique personalized training system utilizing traditional Japanese and Okinawan weapons. This well thought out training program will definitely help instill traditional weaponry, techniques and practices into any martial arts school and its students. I highly recommend implementing Master Garrison’s weapons training course into their school.”

Grandmaster Yong Sung Lee, 10th Dan • YSL Hapmundo Studio, Washington, DC


“Master Garrison’s Top Ten Martial Arts Weapons: the Complete Online Course to Black Belt™ for Martial Arts school owners is the most complete I have ever seen.”

Master Ralph Parris, Sifu Shichidan, 7th Dan • Parris Martial Arts, Fort Wayne, Indiana


“Since implementing Top Ten Martial Arts Weapons: the Complete Online Course to Black Belt™ into my Martial Arts classes, there has been a new spark ignited with me and my students. Using the techniques and methods in the course, my students have had an increase of awareness, flexibility, and balance in all aspects of their training.

It’s amazing the excitement and increased drive weapons training has encouraged. Also, my daughter has been diagnosed with behavioral and mental issues. After only 2 months of training, she particularly is experiencing an increase in clarity and focus in school and at home. I highly recommend this program to everyone!”

John Barrett, 4th Dan Kyukido • Nine Dragons Martial Arts, Littleton, Colorado


“My son always struggled with a lack of confidence and self esteem. Since taking Master Garrison’s online weapons course, his concentration and focus is way up, his school grades have improved, and most importantly, he has the confidence to be what he wants to be in life.”

Bram Schmidt, 1st Dan • Barrington Tiger Academy, Barrington, Illinois


“I have more strength; lots more flexibility. My mind feels sharp as a tack. My advice? Give up golf and take this fun course. I promise you; it’ll change your life forever!”

Bill Prince, 1st Dan • Barrington Tiger Academy, Barrington, Illinois


“These martial arts weapons are so cool. I can’t wait to learn them all and get to wear my Black Belt. My friends were so jealous that they couldn’t wait to sign up too. Now we have our own little marital arts club on Zoom.”

Jeremy Brice, 1st Dan: 10 Weapons Brown Belt • Barrington Tiger Academy, Barrington, Illinois


“I have a couple special needs students who have responded incredibly well to your online weapons training course. The boost in their confidence, focus and balance is amazing to witness. It’s a great feeling to see both the students and their parents and grandparents smiling with approval after seeing their children and grandchildren having so much fun without hurting themselves because of the safety foam weapons.”

Shihan Ross Greenberg, 6th Dan • Chikara Martial Arts, Romeoville, Illinois


“Your Top Ten Martial Arts Weapons: the Complete Online Course to Black Belt™ course started making us money right out of the gate. I like the fact that it’s a white label program and as the headmaster, I get to co-sign the black belt certificates before making our presentation. Having the option to get the rank certificate sent to us framed adds a nice professional touch besides making our school more profits!”

Master Tim Mullis, 8th Dan • AKF Black Belt Academy, Phoenix, Arizona


“Being a traditional TKD dojang, we’ve never had a weapons program. Your video presentation was high quality and easy to follow, comprehensive instruction almost overnight impressed our student body. Thanks to your profitable course, we are opening up a second location that we could only dream about before!”

Master Jason Kim, 7th Dan • Achieve Martial Arts, Greenville, New York


“I had a less-ambitious weapons program that wasn’t turnkey, but it didn’t really catch fire. I have to admit that your virtual training modules lit a fuse under everyone in the Zoom Classes we were doing. It’s been a huge success for adults (especially women) and our Kids 8 to 15 are having a blast with the foam weapons. After watching your action-packed intro video, even some of the Grandparents signed up too! The referrals you said we would get, are starting to come in now.”

Grandmaster Royal West, 9th Dan • Royal West Martial Arts, Salt Lake City, Utah


“The multiple income streams we’ve seen from the Top Ten Martial Arts Weapons: the Complete Online Course to Black Belt™ have reinvented our dojang! We sell the program, which netted us $1,200 in the first five weeks alone. Not to mention the private and semi-private live classes, plus live Zoom classes – all that money is gravy! As you suggested, we sent out the local done for-us press release and got 8 new students. So grateful for your invite to start a weapons class here.”

Master James Webb, 5th Dan • Gold Country Martial Arts, Placerville, California


“After I was mugged, I began self-defense classes. I was determined never to be so vulnerable again. I can’t tell you what your weapons training course has done for my confidence and new self-esteem. If I can gain impressive proficiency in using these ten popular weapons while getting in a good, sweaty workout, I can do anything! Your Top Ten Weapons course gave me my life back! With sincere gratitude and respect!”

Holly Zastrow, 4th Dan • Barrington Tiger Academy, Barrington, Illinois


“My teenage daughter dragged me to a Saturday weapons seminar. I was instantly hooked! She and I practice the fun and easy to learn drills together. I can see muscles in my arms again. My reflexes are faster. My shortness of breath disappeared! My attitude is more confident. And, I take relief in that she can pick up a stick or pair of Nunchakus (which she’s become really good at) and knock the stuffing out of a would-be attacker from 4 feet away.”

Lexi Mitchel, 3rd Dan • Lake Villa Flying Dragons Martial Arts, Lake Villa, Illinois


“My granddaughter has found her extra-curricular thing – weapons competition! She loves performing weapons kata and freestyle at local tournaments. I’ve got the ribbons and trophies to prove it! We also got something we didn’t expect –- her grades shot up! It’s also great that in bad weather, she can review all the basic weapons online and not have to worry about getting into a car accident.”

Tessie Salvador, grandmother of Maia Salvador, 10 Weapons Orange Belt • Barrington Tiger Academy, Barrington, Illinois


All the Marketing Tools You Need For Immediate Success

(Everything you need to sell your online weapons course for

maximum profits!)


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Your 100% Unconditional Satisfaction 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try the Top Ten Martial Arts Weapons: the Complete Online Course to Black BeltTM for 30 days. You’ll receive a special Password to view the videos! We’re sure it will help you recruit and retain more students…keep them 3-5 years longer…and substantially boost your MONTHLY PROFITS like never before. However, if you’re not totally delighted for any reason, just let us know within 30 days and you’ll get a full and prompt refund, no questions asked.

It’s time to get new students and a steady MONTHLY income into your martial arts school. It’s a smart decision to offer our highly profitable Top Ten Martial Arts Weapons: the Complete Online Course to Black BeltTM that was Internationally featured in the top media outlets. Raves of praise from school owners like yourself and students of all ages is proof of this turnkey monthly money-making machine! So, don’t delay. Order today!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who should study Top Ten Martial Arts Weapons: the Complete Online Course to Black BeltTM?

Age 6 to 70! Attain Physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Fun, challenging, great workout, sensible adjunct to any workout
program. Sharpens acuity, focus and awareness in kids; builds muscle, sharpens wit and restores mobility to seniors. And yes, this course might just save your students life!


How may modules should I order?

For the most comprehensive scope of training, you’ll want all ten modules, because each module builds on the skills and concepts of the one before. All the fun, all the challenge – why shortchange your training or personal development?


What’s covered in the instructional manual?

From lofty concepts like “Sword-No Sword” . . . the physics of weaponry . . . and weapons of improvisation, to safety tips,
training hints and proper fitting of each weapon, the Instructional Manual is an invaluable source of history, strategic thinking, and mindset advice.

We make it easy for you to track students’ progress: each module offers a quiz, with a final exam covering all ten modules.
Certificates of Achievement and coveted Black Belt await your students upon completion of the course. Video submission required for evaluation for 1st Dan rank.


What weapons will I be teaching my students?

Time-honored and revered, these ten carefully chosen weapons represent several Asian nationalities and cultures. These are the primary weapons that build upon one another’s skill sets and development of higher concepts of training.

01. Kali Sticks
02. Bo Staff
03. Nunchaku
04. Tonfa
05. Bokken
06. Sai
07. Kama
08. Double Kali
09. Broadsword
10. Katana


How often should my students practice?

Depends on their age and experience. Children: 30 minutes x 3 days a week.

Seniors: 20 minutes x 3 days a week. Don’t overdo it. Be careful not to aggravate old injuries.


Why offer Master David Garrison’s Ten WeaponsTM Course?

Master Garrison, 7th Dan, champion competitor, seasoned instructor, owner of dojang, created this course as an extension of his decades-old commitment to teach and share quality, effective martial arts and self-defense skills with as many people as possible.


I have no experience teaching weapons. How do I do this?

Design a training schedule for yourself. Nothing complex – just set aside some structured time several days a week to train.


Disclaimer: The practice of martial arts can be dangerous and the user assumes all risks. Neither the author, publisher, nor
founder of the Top 10 Martial Arts WeaponsTM, The Complete Online Course to Black BeltTM, accepts or assumes any responsibility or liability for any possible injuries by anyone as the result of the use or practice of any of the instructions in this course.


Master David Garrison
by Master David Garrison, 7th Dan
International Competitive Weapons Champion
Dojang Owner/Chief Instructor since 1984!